Still haven’t heard of The Tie Bar?

Welcome to The Tie Bar! We are located just outside Chicago, Illinois (in beautiful Naperville), but our entire inventory can be viewed and purchase online at

Who are we?

Well what started as a cute little business idea of designing our own ties and selling them over the internet has transformed into one of the largest necktie brands on the internet.


The Tie Bar’s $15 handmade silk ties have bucked the theory that the more you spend on a necktie, the better quality it must be. Ungodly necktie mark-ups have gone on long enough! Our margins are small but our volume is high. The result is some really happy guys out there, from Wall Street to Hollywood and everywhere in between.

Since our humble beginnings in 2004, we have added extra long ties, bowties, boy’s ties, pocket squares, cufflinks and dress shirts.

We’ve also now become one of the most popular sources for wedding parties, five-star restaurant staffs, luxury hotel personnel and so much more. If you need 1 or 1,000 neckties, our $15 price and our stylish and colorful collection of neckties makes us the place to start shopping.

Check back with us frequently, as we will begin to blog about necktie do’s and don’t’s (can a word have two apostrophes?), as well as general trends in the world of men’s clothing.

Don’t agree with what we have to say? Too bad! (Ok, not really “too bad”. Well, sort of.)


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One Response to “Still haven’t heard of The Tie Bar?”

  1. Luke Vierkant Says:

    Where can I get that red tie with white stripes that President Obama while addressing the congress the other night? And what brand is it?

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