Ties on Presidential Candidates

Ok. Because I have this obsession in looking at everyone’s ties (after all, I own my own necktie company), I figured I’d be better off just writing about everything running through my mind as I watch John McCain and Barack Obama during their first debate. Yes, I know – it’s their third debate technically. Except if you look up the word “debate” in any legit dictionary (even some illegit dictionaries), you’d find a definition which is not on par with what these 2 did in their first two ‘debates.’

I’m already off topic. Anyway, here we go.

Barack Obama clearly likes narrow stripes. Even before tonight, I had always noticed that he wears thin stripes, often times in conservative colors. Tonight was no exception.

Obama’s power red tie with subtle red stripes was a typical Obama tie. Nothing more, nothing less. I also noticed that his red tie had a satin warp finish, rather than a matte twill finish (giving a shinier finish.) 

So what the hell does this all mean?

Well, nothing important. But you’re reading a tie blog, right? So I have to give some kind of opinion, even though we both should be helping the starving kids in Africa.

Some argue that wearing wide stripes shows either: (1) you’re the most important person in the room, or (2) it’s 1979. But both arguments are wrong.

First, wider stripes (one inch or so) are classic conservative ties that have managed to stick around longer than cockroaches (although if you step on a wide-striped tie, it doesn’t make the same crunch sound.) So the fact that Obama is wearing a narrow-striped tie doesn’t necessarily means he’s a fashion-forward guy. Although he’s certainly not out of style either, so I have no idea what point I was trying to make.

It’s also not 1979 because I have gray hairs in my goatee. You see, in 1979, I had no hairs on what would have been my goatee. In fact, hair was a rarity anywhere on my body (except my head). I had one of those Jewfros, so really, hair on my head wasn’t an issue in 1979.

I’m lost again.

Ok – here’s my summary on Senator Obama. Like most high-profile politicians, Obama is simply not looking for any special attention with respect to his wardrobe. He doesn’t want you to notice his tie. That’s not a bad thing. Some guys lead with their tie and others don’t (that’s why we sell both types on our website.) Obama just plays it safe.

Some might say he was subliminally looking for that ‘patriotic’ feel by wearing his red tie with a navy suit and crisp white shirt. Some might even think it isn’t subliminal. Either way, Obama’s record of being a snappy dresser continues – and merely because he takes so few chances.

So what about Mr. Fashion Plate, John McCain?

Well that wide pinstripe suit was certainly something out of the ordinary for him. It looked like his kids picked out a suit at Bachrach for him, which he is only 40 years too old for.

But once I got past the wide pin stripes, I noticed his ultra-boring striped tie. How shocking. McCain wore a boring tie.

Why would anyone wear a navy tie with a navy suit? Well, once again, we have a guy not looking to have his tie get him any attention. But unlike Obama’s power red tie – which had the sharp red color to help his outfit come together McCain just called it in with a navy and white striped tie. His knot sucked too – it was way too small (a bad four-in-hand knot), and because of his height (or lack of height), he looked like a clown.

So who won the tie debate?

Bob Schieffer, who, as always, wore colorful bold stripes which popped perfectly from his charcoal suit. I love that guy. Not “love” as in “love”, but more of a “love” type of thing. Get it?

So do you feel you just wasted your time reading this? Good. Because I feel like I just wasted my time writing it.

Next week’s topic will be about tie stripe direction. It’s a topic more commonly discussed at the kitchen table than personal finances. And I’ll be here to give my much-waited opinion on the matter.

Thanks for reading.


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One Response to “Ties on Presidential Candidates”

  1. Juice Says:

    Glad to see i’m not the only one out there, with a ‘thing’ for neckties…

    Any idea what tie or who made the tie that Obama wore on the final presidential debate?

    Would love to get my hands on one..

    Really stood out (it was probably the lighting, or the brightness of HD.. )


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