Power Ties – Version 2.0

So somebody told me that as the owner of the largest brand of neckties on the internet (cough, plug , cough), I should be blogging about topics that we get emailed about from customers most frequently. And after “How much is shipping?”, one of the most common questions we get is “What color tie should I get for my next interview or big meeting?”

So here we go…

For years, good ol’ red (candy apple red) has been the flag-bearer color for power ties. With the backdrop of a suit often being a darker muted color, a bright red tie effectively jumps out off the suit as a strong color and a strong message. No question, red is a power tie.

But it’s almost 2009 now. Red is so….2008. Even 1998. Or 1988. Over the past few fashion seasons, purple (believe it or not) has slowly made its way to the front of the line as the new power color in men’s neckties. And not just for the skinny, hip dude you see walking in the streets of New York.

Wall Street and other corporate executives have gradually found that shades of purple ties (lilac, lavendar, eggplant, violet) do a sensational job of jumping off the neutral palletes of black and charcoal suits. While rich in color, purple does not overly dominate a business suit like other non-traditional colors such as yellow and pink. Instead, it creates a more soothing feeling while still adding some much-needed hue.

With this in mind, we here at The Tie Bar design lots of purple ties, including a healthy selection slated for our first collection of 2009 (in January). And if you’re thinking “Purple ties? Are you nuts?”, then you’re the type of person who needs to go outside of his comfort zone and try one out. Yes, you.

I was recently quoted in the Chicago Tribune (article is here) on a story about President-elect (lord, that’s getting old) Obama’s apparent leaning toward blue ties. When I was interviewed by the reporter, I strongly disagreed with her position and insisted that blue was not a power color at all, but more of a neutral and friendly color. Blue is the tie color you want to wear when you don’t want to get noticed or don’t need to be persuasive.

On the other hand, I strongly believe that those who wear purple shows a level of individuality. And individuality suggests leadership. Those looking to break away from their traditional blue, red and black ties should adopt purple ties into their rotation.

 So quit being such a whimp, and treat yourself to a purple tie from The Tie Bar (come on – $15? You’ll spend more at Starbucks this week – and we don’t give you gas.)

If you don’t get a compliment on the first day you wear your new purple tie, we’ll give you your money back.

But we’ll also encourage you to start hanging out with some more fashionable people.


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