Wedding Ties 101

When I founded The Tie Bar in 2004, I had no idea that I would end up in the wedding industry. But here I am.

We now outfit more weddings in neckties than any other neckwear company in the U.S. We’ve been featured in most of the major wedding magazines and blogs. When it comes to wedding ties, you name the color, and we seem to have it. Or something close to it. Which brings me to the point of this blog entry.

To my dearest brides,

You must take a deep breath and calm down. You have food to taste. Bands to listen to. Religious officials to debate about. Cake to choose. Flowers to pick. And of course, mothers-in-law to argue with.

So why oh why do you put so much stress into ties for your groomsmen? I have never quite figured this one out. So let me give you a very quick guide to outfitting your groom and groomsmen for your wedding. And when you’re done reading this, order your ties and go worry about something more important about your big day.

Your bridesmaids are wearing some bright and colorful dresses that you picked out. And while they may all smile and hug you when they say “I’ll definitely wear this again”, please rest assured that they won’t. Ever.

The groomsmen, however, will wear the ties you get them for the wedding. Why? Because that’s just the way guys are. Do you know how many credit cards I signed up for in college just to get the free t-shirt or 2-liter of Pepsi? We love free stuff. All of us.

But we don’t love ties with ALL your wedding colors mixed into one. So while your wedding colors may have aqua, chocolate, lime, rose and maybe some other color names that only Crayola would have, simply find a tie with one of the colors of your wedding. Preferably, one of the accent colors. This will compliment the bridesmaid dresses and bring your whole wedding party together in color harmony.

But does the one accent color have to match exactly? No.

Why not? Because it will still look great. And indeed, I’ve been keeping track. Of the 10,235,324,338 weddings since 2000, not a single one was ruined because the ties weren’t a perfect match! Can you believe it? All the weddings went just fine – or if they didn’t go well, it had nothing to do with the ties.

But what if the ties arrive and they are turquoise and not aqua? Or they are rust and not tangerine? Or they are olive and not kiwi? Just relax. The photographer won’t be able to pick up the difference. And no one at the wedding will notice (or care) if there is a slight difference. Just find some ties you like – in a color and pattern that goes well with your wedding. And your job will be done.

If you are just rolling your eyes at me right now, that’s fine. Then consider having the groomsmen wear wedding neutral colors (black, silver, white). Now how can you go wrong with that?

Although I already know some of you who will…


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